Hard to feel but good to know 感じるのは難しいが知っていたらいいなと思うこと

Our feet is designed like a tripod. 私たちの足は三脚のようにデザインされています。

There we have 3 bony landmarks that should touch to the ground. 地面につくべきポイントは3つ。

Heel かかと

Base of big toe (Head of 1st metatarsal bone, anatomically) 親指の付け根

Base of little toe (Head of 5th metatarsal bone) 小指の付け根

By touching these 3 points on the ground, we can maintain the good alignment of the foot bones and 3 arches in the foot (Medial, lateral, and transverse arches).


The reasons why the arches destroyed? なぜアーチは壊れてしまうのでしょうか?

- injury 怪我

There are joints in between each bones and they are connected with Ligaments.


The length or quality of the ligament can be changed when it's injured or healed.


-wrong balance in the foot 間違った足のバランス

I know it's so hard to recognize our balance of the foot! 足のバランスを考えるのはとても難しいと思います。

Still, it's so much better to have the idea what's going on with your foot so you can take care of them better.でも、足に何が起こっているのかを知っているのはいいことだし、しっていればもう少しケアしてあげられるかもしれません。

Once again. We have a tripod in our foot! もう一度言います。足には三脚があります!