ドーパミンコントロールの仕方3 How to control Dopamine3










Dopamine is not a bad thing, it's even a good thing. Just addiction matters to health, so we need to be careful what we choose to take when we need it.

The famous one is Refined sugar include high fructose corn syrup and white sugar.

High Fructose Corn Syrup(HFCS) is discovered by the Japanese scientist in the mid 60's, and also known as glucose-fructose, iso glucose, and glucose-fructose syrup, is a sweetener made from corn or potato starch.

Highly processed refined sugar like white sugar, brown sugar, and HFCS doesn't include valuable nutrients like vitamins and minerals. And refined sugar gets broken down quickly, causing blood glucose level rise up like a skyrocket. Then what happens? Insulin, a hormone produced by your pancreas to decrease your blood sugar level like a skyrocket. This is the blood sugar spikes and insulin spikes.

Your brain misunderstands "We need energy!" status is happening, so you crave sugar.

At the same time, big wave of reward hormone Dopamine is secreted in your brain.

You choose sugar to take when your physical body or brain tired, or when you are stressed, you feel happy and better, and you tend to do take sweets and feel better every time when you are tired or stressed. And one day you realize you are eating something more and it's sweeter than what you used to be satisfied. Now you know you are addicted.

To avoid addiction, you need to be careful with slow up and down amount of blood sugar level and dopamine secretion. Refined sugar gives you skyrocket up and down which is harmful to your health, so substituting those refined sugar to honey and maple syrup, or any other unrefined sugar which gives you slow up and down and also includes beneficial vitamins and minerals. They are way less addictive compare to the refined sugar.

When you are stressed and crave sugar, taking fruits, sweets or yogurt with honey or maple syrup is beneficial instead of taking sweet drinks like coke, energy drink or any other sugary food or beverages.

My favorite one is just mixed and baked oatmeal cookies with honey and nuts and raisins.

First thing you can do to change your consciousness higher is to check the backside of the product and know what you eat. You never know tons of products includes HFCS.

Be conscious about what you include in your body. That'll make "YOU". Taking care of what you eat means you take care of yourself. Be nice to you.

At the beginning you can look for the other products that has no HFCS, or you make something you want without refined sugar, sounds annoying, but once you try it, it might be a lot easier than you think and also it might be a new challenge which cultivate your ideas and creativity. These new challenges or the feeling of excitement, exercises, learning process, achievement is the long term best, healthiest way to secrete Dopamine in order to make your life richer rather than take a lot of them easily.